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Rabbit Recipes

Rabbit Recipes, How to Cook Rabbits

Cooking Rabbit With Chef Sean Cousins

Learn how to cut the Rabbits into the Best Meat Cuts for Cooking

Bacon Wrapped Roasted Rabbit Recipe

This recipe is totally awesome, and I know everyone will share this with friends.

How To Grill Fresh Rabbit on BBQ

How to prepare the Rabbit Meat and BBQ it on Bamboo Sticks…it is Delicious (sarap)

Harry’s Fried Rabbit Recipe

This is a simple but delicious Fried Rabbit Recipe


I personally would use Potatoes, Carrots, and Onions but to all his own..right?

Preparing BBQ Sauce for Cooking Rabbit

Delicious BBQ Sauce for Cooming Rabbit Meat.

 How to Properly Batter Rabbit Meat before Frying

*Remember to let the Battered Rabbit Meat to set for a few Minutes before Frying.

How to Properly Joint a Meat Rabbit for Cooking

This video is very detailed and easy to follow.

We hope these recipes got your mouth watering for a delicious rabbit supper.

Please feel free to leave a Comment or ask questions in the Comment Section Below!

Basically we raise Organic Rabbits with no Chemicals added!!!

We raise Rabbits primarily for selling to Pet Shops, as well as Meat Rabbits for Meat Consumption.

Thank You for visiting our Rabbit Breeders Philippines website.

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