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Hi to All,

We are providing the Rabbit Breeders Philippines website in order to share ideas with others interested in Breeding and Raising Rabbits in the Philippines.

We are located in beautiful Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao and you can contact Angel if you have any Questions, Comments, or want to Buy Rabbits for Sale.

My Husband and I began our Rabbitry in January of 2013 with 6 Breeder Rabbits (4 Does & 2 Bucks), and now we are on schedule for this December to have over 200 Rabbits.

Our goal in January of 2014  is to produce around 100+ Rabbits per month for Sale, either as Pets, or Meat Rabbits for Sale.

Call or Text  Angel +639052950827, between 9AM and 5PM during the day 7 days a week.

contact angel

Just give me a call or text me for information on raising rabbits or rabbits for sale.

The above photo is our first attempt at Cage Building and setting up our Rabbitry. We choose to build our own cages and decided on 2′x2′x1′.

The setup is hung from the ceiling and allows for easy cleaning, and lots of space for the Rabbits with the larger cage design.

We quickly found that using a thicker gauge wire 1/4 inch holes for cages worked better for us. If you use 1″ wire you will lose new born Bunnies through the large 1″ holes. If you use the cheap lesser gauge 1/4″ wire it is not heavy duty enough for the weight of the Rabbits once full grown.

rabbit breeders philippines - photos2

We have decided that using the sloped GI Sheet Metal below the rabbit cages makes cleaning up super easy. We have begun working on a new system that also includes a U-shaped catcher that will fit on the end of the sloped edge which we hope makes clean-up even easier. We have used tin roofing metal as well as GI Sheets to attach to the slope, and we are now changing over to the GI Sheets because they are smooth and clean up is easier!

rabbit breeders philippines

We use lots of ZipTies of all sizes, Bungee Cords, HD Eye-Hooks, Vinyl Coated S-Hooks, HD 1/4″ Galvanized Cage Wire, Heavy Gauge Galvanized Wire, 1/4″ Plywood, GI Sheets, and for the Cage Doors we now use only Folder Sliders which we buy at the School Supply Store. With 6 meters of Heavy Duty 1/4″ Cage Wire we get 4 and 1/2 Cages (2′x2′x1′) and the cost is 1,600 Pesos. We use a small electric hand held angle grinder to cut the heavy gauge cage wire. We will post a separate section on this website that covers cage building and other aspects of Rabbit Breeding and our Rabbitry Setup. Build Your Own DIY Rabbit Hutch Cages

rabbit breeders philippines - bunny boxes

When we first began breeding rabbits we built these very cool looking Baby Bunny Boxes which we found not to be the best idea since rabbits love to chew on wood and they used the toilet in the Bunny Boxes causing us more work to keep the Boxes clean. We have since changed over to a simple plastic box which works much better and is easier to wash clean. We will explain this in more detail later, with example photos.

rabbit breeders philippines - bunny boxes 2

We now save ourselves a ton of work switching over to the plastic Bunny Boxes and it is also better for the over all health of the Baby Bunnies since it is easier to wash the Boxes often with Clorox water which kills germs. We hope this information will help others get into Rabbit Breeding and setting up your Rabbitry correctly, and therefore saving time and money.

New Bunny Boxes for Baby Bunnies

As Promised I am posting a Photo of the New Bunnie Boxes we have Upgraded to.

These work so much better than the wooded Bunnie Boxes we were using.

Much easier to clean indeed! We bought these at Unitop in CDO, but I am sure they can be found else where.

New Bunny Boxes - Update

As you can see… the Mother Rabbit (Doe) has lots of room to relax because the NEW Bunny BOX is Smaller but more efficient!

Through trial and error we do find better ways to do things here in our Rabbitry ; )

rabbit breeders philippines - babby bunnies

Normally we get about 7 to 10 Baby Bunnies from each Mother, however at times when breeding a new Doe for the first time this will fall to between 3 to 6 Babies.

If you breed a Mature Doe every 2 months as recommended, this will yield you around 50+ babies from each which is a lot with 50 breeding females!

If you have 50 breeding females each having only 8 babies every 2 months, this would be 2,400 Kits a year! The key is to provide a healthy environment for the Mothers and Baby Kits along with a good diet of Fresh Grass, Grain and lots of Water. We will cover the diet in detail later.

rabbit breeders philippines - baby rabbits and mothers milk

As you can see here the Baby Kits really drink lots of Mother Milk daily, so you MUST be sure to Provide the Mother Doe with Healthy Food and LOTS of Fresh Water. We check on our Bunnies twice a daily and refill water bowls as well as give them Fresh Grass and Grain Pellets.

NOTE: We no longer use the clay bowls  shown here, we have switched to Larger Hard Plastic Bowls (MELAMINE) which we buy at a low cost (10 Pesos each ) at the Market. The reason we changed from the Clay Bowls was the clay would become contaminated and slimy so we felt it best to change, plus as you can see the Rabbits would chew on the Clay which was not good either. We found it easier to ZipTie the Plastic Bowls to the Cage to prevent food waste and water spillage.

rabbit breeders philippines - grass for rabbit food

We feed our Rabbits Grass twice a day and provide grain Pellets once a day which gives them a well balanced healthy diet. We pay a local guy 150 Pesos a week to gather and deliver the grass each and every day.

rabbit breeders philippines - healthy babie bunnies

Provided you have feed the Bunnies a healthy balanced diet they will be strong and full of life.

Please feel free to leave a Comment or ask questions in the Comment Section Below!

Basically we raise Organic Rabbits with no Chemicals added!!!

We raise Rabbits primarily for selling to Pet Shops, as well as Meat Rabbits for Meat Consumption.

Thank You for visiting our Rabbit Breeders Philippines website.

Rabbits for Sale Philippines

Call or Text Angel +639052950827, between 9AM and 5PM during the day 7 days a week.

contact angel

William and Angel

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Rabbit Breeders Philippines

31 thoughts on “Home

    1. rabbit Post author

      Hi Ryan,

      The cost is small for us because we started with only a few rabbits and grew the business from there. The great thing about raising rabbits is that they mostly eat grass which is free and there is lots of it. Our biggest expense has been cages. The wire we build our cages with is mahal and we can not afford to complete the rabbitry completely with cages because of the cost. Just begin with a breeding pair and go from there. Slowly build your business! Thanks! Angel

  1. Ryan John P Dollente

    hi thanks for the info…I just wanna ask if the profit is good..do you have a regular customers…ano yong karaniwang binibili ng mga buyer sa inyo……have a nice evening..god bless

  2. raymund santes

    ur cages are nice.

    hi. we also have rabbits. mom rabbit gave birth to 6 babies. only 4 survived now and are already adults. after 48 days the same mom rabbit gave birth again to 6 babies, but after 2 weeks they all die . bat kaya?

    we dont give pellets to our rabbits, just grass.

    salamat po.

  3. Ricky Nash

    Hi, I live in Surallah, Mindanao, and have at the moment 3 Does and 1 Buck as I have just started. Can you tell me what price to charge for rabbits as pets and for meat per kilo, I built my cages out of wood frames and wire mesh, looked at your system, which looks more hygienic and with the plastics water and feed bowls, I am using the clay at the moment, but will now change.

  4. Ricky Nash

    Hi, me again, just read all your site, which is very good and has given me a lot of new idea’s, (set up and cages) but can you tell me where I can get commercial rabbits (New Zealand etc..) in South Mindanao.

  5. Hustino Nikolas

    hi ms. angel, i suggest po na sana gawa kayo ng fb page where in we can ask all the questions about rabbitry… :) thanks! :)

  6. Hustino Nikolas

    Hi Ms. Angel have you encountered fur mites sa mga rabbits nyo? :) yung doe ko kasi may something sa ilong na parang unti2x nawawala balahibo niya, pero hindi pa naman ganun kalala, how do you cure them using home remedies? Thanks Ms. Angel! :)

    1. rabbit Post author

      use baby oil in their ears by rubbing it around with your fingers or cotton ball, and try guasiano for “flea soap” and give then a bath using the flea soap. also you will need to clean the cages with a disinfectant like clorox bleach, that should fix the problem. let me know how this works for you. ANGEL

    1. rabbit Post author


      Kindly Call or Text me in this number Angel:+639066363672, between 1PM and 11PM during the day 7 days a week for prices.


  7. Robert & Dolly

    Many years ago I raised New Zealand Whites in Ohio. The local restaurants bought the meat. I also trapped during the winter months Muskrats which were also bought by the restaurants as placed on the menu as Marsh Rabbit. Back then the fur also brought money. Just a little history, the business was good.

    My wife and I are looking at maybe setting up a Rabbit meat business here in Zamboanga for the family. Can you give me some numbers as to cost for does and studs? Also what is rabbit meat selling for here in the Philippines? This would go hand in hand with aquaponics. I see from your web site that you have a building set up to house your rabbits. During the warn days how do you keep them cool? Rabbits are very sensitive to the heat and air conditioning is very expensive..;o) they need to be kept under about 85 degrees, but 75 is a must better number if you want them to thrive.
    Any information that you can provide for us will be much appreciated. Thank you, Robert

    1. rabbit Post author


      We can recommend you just to use regular stand fan to circulate the air during hot season , that’s what we use in here…
      Robert…Kindly Call or Text me in this number Angel:+639066363672, between 1PM and 11PM during the day 7 days a week for prices
      Thank you,

  8. gyzzyn

    What of grass do I need to feed my rabbit that I find here in visayas? Grass by local names… I believe se have the same grass as yiu have in mindanao

  9. august dondiego

    I want to buy new zealand Doe 2 and 1 buck.

    Do u have california breed to?
    Pls put ur business in Facebook.
    Website like tis is hard to find in some other user..

    1. rabbit Post author


      Where is ur location? kindly txt me tru this number +639066363672.
      Our website is not hard to find, it has great SEO job done.


  10. shein doroja

    Ask ko lang po kung sino may male rabbit dito na pweding ipamate sa female rabbit ko. She’s 8 months old. Cubao quezon city po ako. Thank you.

    1. rabbit Post author


      Yes pwedi, ilan gusto nyo bilhin? breeding stock nalang ang available.. kindly txt me this number 09066363672 and pls indicate ur name and location.


  11. francisco frias

    paano po malaman kung lalake or babae ang maliit pang rabbit?
    balak ko po kasing bumili ng rabbit at mag rabbit raising

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